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Chronic Illness & Disability

Living with a chronic illness or disability places additional complexities upon your emotional wellbeing and therefore requires specialist support to ensure your needs are met. Navigating life with a chronic illness or disability can cause social and emotional problems for individuals. Changes in relationships and in the ability to continuing working, financial stress, the dreaded fear of potential medical outcomes, further physical decline, or worry about upcoming social events can cause stress, anxiety, and feelings of grief and loss. 


If you are experiencing any of the above issues related to your chronic illness or disability and would appreciate a safe space to talk where you feel supported please reach out to chat. 

disability counselling for disability & choronic illness
NDIS Support

NDIS Clients

Counselling clients who receive support through the NDIS can help to learn new coping strategies, address social isolation, increase motivation and self-esteem, provide support in making decisions, and foster independence personally and professionally. If you are feeling overwhelmed, confused, distressed or lacking direction, counselling can support you to gain a new perspective and help you get back on track.

Counselling aims to support you in managing daily living confidently and independently. Sessions are based around your individual needs to address emotional and behavioural concerns. We work together to develop new strategies, build confidence and gain new perspectives to achieve your NDIS goals and improve your wellbeing.

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